Roundtable Lunch

21 Mar 2017
12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

Roundtable Lunch

Evolving Your Security Risk Management Strategy to Address Cloud, BYOD and End-User Targeted Attacks

  1. How are CISOs thinking about managing security risk overall? What changed in the last 6 months?

  2. How are they thinking about supporting/enabling IT transformation happening? End users using their personal devices for work (BYOD) is an example of IT transformation. The big one we see is migration to cloud. Both on applications (to saas apps such as O365 and DropBox) and infrastructure (using AWS or Azure for computer).

Look around your extended enterprise. You have users who work at home, on the road and in the office. They use corporate-owned devices, as well as their own, and they access resources via a frustrating variety of secured and unsecured wireless networks. 

And these are only the devices you know about, the users you believe are accessing critical data.

What do you really know about the number and security of devices accessing your network – and how many unsecured networks they are accessing outside your enterprise? What is your enterprise doing to find that delicate balance between cybersecurity and a friction-less user experience? Discuss these topics with us over this Lunch and Learn, and leave with new ideas and solutions you can to improve your own organization’s approach to security and trusted access.
Speaker: Bobby Baek, Duo Security
Bobby works with organizations of all sizes to understand the security challenges they face and help address those with scalable solutions. He has a deep security background that started with firewalls and network architecture, and evolved into roles at several security companies. Prior to Duo, Bobby was with CheckPoint, Blackhawk, Optiv, and Samsung.
Room: Bayside A
Plated lunch will be served. Limited seating available.
Sponsored by Duo Security.